Tea Ceremonies

Long before tea was an "ordinary beverage," it was a sacred medicine experienced in ceremony. Today, we are proud to offer you that same experience through the variety of in-person tea ceremonies. Whether you are looking for a journey into the various styles and flavors of tea, or a deeper journey into your spirit, we have an experience just for you. Take a look below to learn more:

​"Tea with Great Skill," or Gong Fu Cha is all about focus and specificity. ​​​Here we aim to brew and drink the best cup of tea possible, to elevate the tea to its highest potential. Every movement is precise and calculated, from the water temperature, to the size of the teapot, to the brewing time.  In this ceremony we take a “Tea Journey” and taste a few different kinds of tea to really experience all of the variations that tea can offer. You could think of this as being similar to a wine tasting experience. Ceremony options include:

  • Tea Genres Journey: Sample a few different styles of tea including White, Green, Oolong, and Puerh. This is an opportunity to experience the wide variety of flavors that tea has to offer, and is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with the various styles and types of tea.

  • Oolong Tea Journey: Experience 3 different types of oolong and learn why this style of tea is considered to be the pinnacle of tea making.

  • Puerh Tea Journey: Enter into the world of Puerh tea, and experience ripe, raw, and aged varieties of this unique style of tea.

This ceremony is best for groups no larger than 5 people and lasts between 90-120 minutes. $300 for up to 5 guests. Includes take home samples of the teas used in the ceremony.


The aim of Bowl Tea is to create a space where simplicity, connection, and meditation harmoniously blend to create something magical, just as the water and the leaf blend to create the elixir we call tea.​​​ A deeply sacred, meditative experience, The Bowl Tea Ceremony is designed to guide you deeper into your connection with nature, your self, and those around you.

This is not about drinking the "best" cup of tea possible, but rather it is about experiencing the most sacred cup of tea possible. In this ceremony we will have at least 3 bowls of a single tea in order to experience the way the tea changes with each brewing, and we change with it. We begin the ceremony with a brief introduction to Bowl tea and then we enter into sacred silence. I will prepare the Cups and Tea ware, and then offer the tea to drink. We will drink 3 bowls of tea together in ceremonial silence, and then I will open things up for questions, discussion, and more tea if you like. 

This ceremony can accommodate up to 10 people and lasts between 60-90 minutes. $250 for up to 4 guests, then $50 per person up to 10 guests max. Includes 10 grams of tea to take home and enjoy.


  • I bring all of the necessary equipment for the ceremonies, and just need access to a power outlet.  Traditionally we sit on the floor, however if that is not comfortable or possible for the guests, we can be seated at a regular table. 

  • For ceremonies that take place outside of Dallas I charge a $150 travel fee. 

If you have any questions, would like more info, or are interested in scheduling a ceremony, follow the link below:

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