Iroh's Choice: Jasmine White Tea

Iroh's Choice: Jasmine White Tea

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Hands down this is one of the most incredible Jasmine Teas we have ever come across! The aroma alone is intoxicating, and hints at the tremendous effort and skill that went into its production. 

While most Jasmine teas on the market today are spayed with oils and artificial flavoring, this tea is made in the ancient way. . .

High in the mountains of Lincang in the Yunnan Province, full downy white tea buds are handpicked in the early spring, then laid out to dry. In the evening, wild Yunnan jasmine flowers are picked by hand and then spread amongst the tea buds to dry and wither. As the flowers and tea buds dry together, the aroma and flavor of the jasmine is infused into the tea. Fresh jasmine flowers are added 6 times over 6 days, and then individually removed by hand to create this incredible tea.

It is delicious whether you brew it Western Style, Gong Fu, or even Iced, and is a wonderful tea for drinking over the Spring and Summer months.

For fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you will understand why we named this tea Iroh's Choice. As a lover of jasmine teas, we are certain that if Uncle Iroh had access to this tea, it would be his number one pick.