Awakened Being: Organic Blue Lotus Flower

Awakened Being: Organic Blue Lotus Flower

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The Blue Lotus, or Nymphaea Caerulea, has been in use as a symbolic, medicinal, and spiritual sacrament for thousands of years. The oldest recorded use of this wondrous plant comes to us from ancient Egypt, where it was considered sacred and used in shamanic ceremonies. Moving into Asia, this plant was revered as a powerful symbol of enlightenment in various Buddhist traditions.

Throughout history this sacred plant has been consumed in a variety of ways including as incense, a smoking blend, and as tea. It is said that in extremely high concentrations this plant provides psychoactive effects, and because of this it is actually illegal in certain countries!

As a tea, the Blue Lotus provides a soothing meditative energy to help calm the body and awaken the mind.

These particular flowers come from an organic lotus flower farm in Taiwan. They are hand harvested, and carefully dried over 3 days to maintain their integrity and  powerful energy. They are beautiful to look at, and smell just like candy!

Each order contains a single blue lotus flower.

Brewing Tips:

The initial brew can be somewhat bitter, and then opens into sweeter, fruiter flavors. You can do a 30 second rinse and discard the liquid to help remove some of the initial bitterness.

Place the entire flower into your teapot or gaiwan. Ceramic or glass is ideal. Using 95c/205f water or slightly lower, brew for 30-60 seconds and then enjoy. Re-brew as desired. (Stay away from fully boiling water as this will tend to make the tea very bitter)

As with most tea, experiment with brew times to find exactly what works for you.

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